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SafePASS TF1700 Door Controller

Welcome to the 21st century of Access Control with SafePASS™! This SchoolLeader add-on product will allow you to control physical access to your building using safe and reliable finger scanning.

These smart SafePASS Door Controllers are minature biometric computers. As a result, they have the power to scan a finger analyze it against up to 1,500 previously registered finger templates, and then control your existing door latch to instantly grant or deny access based on rules defined within SchoolLeader.

Unlike other door access methods, "Biometric" finger identification is safe, secure, and impossible to fool. No more key-cards for you to handout and manage with your parents and employees. No more constantly changing and insecure access codes that must be shared with everyone. SafePASS is a way to give your school a real level of security and make it easier to manage as well.

How does it work?

SafePASS works with a few different type of scanners to capture an image of a fingerprint and store it in the SchoolLeader database with the other related information about your parents, employees, etc. Then, when they come to the door, they place their finger on the scanner so a new image can be captured and then quickly matched against all the prints already registered. Within less than 2 seconds, SafePASS will identify the person and unlock the door.  It even keeps a log of the activity so you can review it later for added security.

How do I set up SafePASS at my doors to control entry?

Setting up a SafePASS system is easy!  All you need is a SafePASS Door Controller as shown above, the integrated SafePASS software within SchoolLeader, and the necessary additional electronic door latch and wiring (sold separately).  These door controllers are made of a water resistant polycarbonate case and a seamless keypad membrane.  They are "IP65" rated for watherproof use.  This means the unit can be exposed to outdoor moisture and temperature extremes as long as it remains protected from direct rain and snow. 

Since the SafePASS controller has a built-in Relay board, you can control an electronic door latch (not included) with no need for separate door latch controller devices. Simply wire the door latch directly to the SafePASS Door Controller and your done with the door setup.

Also, since these scanners are truly small computers, they communicate over your existing standard ethernet computer network. Connecting a SafePASS Door Controller with your SchoolLeader system is very easy. Just run standard ethernet cabling from each Door Controller to your computer network "hub" and the SafePass software will quickly and easily take control of all your door entry points. All the communication and control software is integrated right into SchoolLeader and shares the same SchoolLeader database. No need to purchase or install any separate software.  No need for double data entry.  Your SchoolLeader database is also your SafePASS database.

Is it easy and convenient to register a visitors finger for access?

Yes, you can use a Digital Persona U.are.U 5160 optical desktop scanner (purchased directly from Digital Persona or your favorite online distributor) for initial setup of fingerprints.

Digital Persona 5160 Scanner

These small Digital Persona optical scanners (shown left) connect directly to your PC using a standard USB connection and can be used for setting up one or more convenient "finger registration stations".

They work on any Personal Computer running Windows 7 or greater and automatically scan the fingerprint when the user touches the imaging window. Their optical technology offers the best combination of durability, ease of use, and cost effectiveness.


Sounds great! How much does it cost to get started?

SafePASS Door Control System - $1,995
- SchoolLeader SafePASS Door Control software
- One (1) SafePASS Door Controller w/mounting kit and external power supply
- One (1) training session for you and your staff
- Unlimited startup support for your wiring installer.
- 12 month equipment warranty
- 12 month Technical support and software warranty ***


Replacement Parts / Add-On Components
  SafePASS TF1700 Door Controller, mounting kit, pwr supply, 1 yr warranty
  Digital Persona - U.are.U 5160 Desktop Scanner
  I.D. Technology - Live Scan Enhancer Pads (Helps with dry/worn fingers)
  Additional 1yr SafePASS Technical Support and software warranty ***


*** How does technical support and warranty work?
- The SafePASS starter kit includes 12 month of Technical support for all software, and hardware.

- Extended Software support can be renewed on the anniversary of original purchase to continue phone support and warranty for the software only

- Hardware manufacturers warranty, cannot be extended but replacement parts can be purchased from Kressa Software if needed.

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