Student Profile


This report provides details on a Student and the related Guardians. It can be produced in Detail format (shown in sample report) or as a summary report.

This report can be extremely useful for reviewing all the specific details on file for a "family" as it related to an individual student. This report can also be very useful as a "hand-out" to your Primary Guardians for their review. Performing this once or twice a year is a great way to keep your vital statistics and contact information up to date and current.

Since the report can also be printed out as a "Blank" it can be used directly as one of your initial enrollment forms that is filled out by your parents.

Accessed from:
  1) Central Report Manager

Sort Order options:  
  1) None - Always sorts by Student Name

Selection Criteria:
  1) Filled In - Produces report for current information on each student
  2) Blank Form - Produces an empty form suitable for using as a handout to perspective parents

Sample Report:
Sample of Student Profile - Detail View. The report shows the students information as well as any Guardians indicated as "Parents" in the relationships. In addition to this front page, there is also a second page which lists all secondary Guardians for this student who are allowed to pickup, etc.